Project 942 - Excellence in Sport

What is Project 942?

Through out my career as a triathlete and subsequently a coach in the sport, I tend to notice one general characteristic and theme in my athletes.  The pursuit of excellence.  Excellence can however be defined in many ways.  It could be someone that takes his or her first step on his or her first training run which moves them one step closer from the couch to the finish line.  Excellence could be defined as breaking certain time barriers in the sport of triathlon.  For example, the 9 hour mark at Ironman, 4 hours at the 70.3 distance and 2 hours at the Olympic Distance are the time standards that I’ve personally been pursuing for years.  These time standards represent the best in class athletes from around the world.  This is what Project 942 is all about.  Turning your dreams into a reality!

My coaching principles are founded off of four simple building blocks or what I like to call the staircase towards excellence.

 Step #1: Patience

Patience is most important step in the “Project 942” staircase.  I believe that I can teach anyone to go fast because after all isn’t that the goal, but the athlete has to have patience.  Having raced the 140.6 distance since 2004 and having coached athletes to hundreds of finish lines, an athlete has to trust in the building blocks along the way to take you to the top. Pure genetics and natural talent is only going to take you so far. I fully believe that it takes at least 3-5 years to develop the aerobic tools that are needed to not just go long, but to go long fast.

Step #2: Consistency

Consistency in training is better than race moments of greatness.  Through performance testing and racing it is very easy to determine your aerobic capacity and what physiological limits we need to strengthen.  The key part of improving fitness comes down to training consistently from year to year.  Having a consistent and steady training plan divided into appropriate macro cycles will allow you body to rest and recover but most importantly will help you come back stronger and fitter.

Step #3: Dedication

The third step in the staircase is dedication and commitment to not only yourself but to Project 942.  You have to be both feet in towards your goal.  Through these project phases you will educate yourself and become knowledgable on general and race specific nutrition, the importance of stress management and the mental game associated with endurance sports.  Athletes who are dedicated will flourish and rise to the top.

Step #4: Developing a Support Team

The fourth step is establishing your support team.  This fourth step is key because without a solid support team, you are sure to spiral downwards and miss the boat on steps 1-3.  Learning to time manage your week along with your other commitments in life can become somewhat overwhelming.  Make sure that you sit down and talk to your significant other about the journey ahead and what it is going to take to reach “your” excellence in sport.  Family and friends should be on board with the goals and should understand every one of these steps in the staircase towards success.

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