Individualized Coaching

The Project 942 Mission

My goal is to provide athletes with an affordable yet customizable training plan specific to the athletes’ goals and abilities. I offer one level of service, therefore you will not find a silver/gold/platinum hierarchy like many of my competitors. I believe that every athlete deserves a high level of attention; and access to their coach should not be limited.

It is a well known fact that most athletes require coaching to reach their full potential. This is for a number of reasons, such as: guidance, support, physiological knowledge, motivation etc. Being an athlete myself made the progression to coaching much easier, as I understand what athletes want in a coach and what it takes to reach the next level.  The fundamental philosophy in all Project 942 training sessions is to ensure that positive training adaptations occur through applying physiological stresses progressively while permitting appropriate recovery in order to absorb the workload.  For this very reason, no athlete is treated the same.

I currently work with athletes from all over the country and utilize web conferencing technology for those athletes that are out of town. I have worked with athletes that are new to the sport as well as athletes that want to take their racing to the next level. I work with athletes of all levels and have coached and developed athletes to the highest of sport levels including qualification for both the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii and Ironman 70.3 World Championship as well as Age Group Nationals, Best of the US Series and the PAN-AM games.



Coach Chad obtained his USA Triathlon Coaching Certification in 2009 as well as founded Coach Chad Multisport, LLC. Chad also is a current Elite/Pro Card holder.

Individual Coaching Services

The services I provide include unlimited email and phone support as well as a fully customized training program for any race distance based on your racing and/or fitness goals. When an athlete joins on as a client, I like to first establish goals and begin to plan for the entire year or season by developing an annual training plan with the athlete. Next, a training plan is developed and customized according to prescribed Heart Rate, pace and/or Power Zones all relative to your current fitness level.

Also included in the program is advice on all aspects of triathlon training and racing such as nutrition, race strategy and how to recover properly between workouts and races. Most importantly, I make it a requirement that my athletes contact me on a regular basis in order to keep an open line of communication.

How it Works
  • Initial Athlete Start-up Form: First the athlete will fill out an extensive questionnaire that will give me an idea of the athletes current athletic fitness level and training history, family and work commitments, past injuries, equipment, training facility information, etc.
  • Telephone or Face to Face Consultation: Following communication, we will have a telephone conversation or if practical, a face to face conversation to discuss the information gathered and plan the upcoming season. I feel that for an athlete to get the most out of the program, it’s important for the coach to get to know each and every one of his athletes on a personal level.
  • The Training Plan: The athlete will receive a detailed training schedule typically in bi-weekly blocks. This will include customized workouts which include target heart rates for each particular workout and session.
  • Adjustments to the Plan: As the season progresses, adjustments are made to the plan and tailored for each and every athlete.
  • On-going Communication and Training Analysis: It is strongly suggested that the athlete contacts me at a minimum of once a week via email with workout comments. Telephone calls are held on an as needed basis and on a agreed upon schedule between the coach and athlete. Athlete feedback through out the process is essential for athlete success as well as keeping his or her training log up to date for real time data analysis.
Data and Workout Analysis

As the season progresses, it is very important to know how to identify the amount of physiological stress on the body from a workout or race. By measuring your training load in relation to your bodies stress, we are able to help predict performance and even perfect tapering strategies. Simply put, I take the guess work out of it and all file monitoring is done via a interactive online interface by the athlete uploading his or her GPS/Power/HR file.  Also as the season progresses, we perform threshold and benchmark testing to ensure you are progressing and getting faster, more efficient and fuel economy is improving.


Contact Chad today for individualized coaching pricing information.  Individualized coaching includes the initial face to face meeting (local athletes only), web conference (non-local athletes) and establishing your annual training plan (ATP). Coaching fee payment must be made in advance of receiving initial training plan and the minimum training plan is 3 months in duration. Fees are paid either monthly online through PayPal, Credit Card or by check. Individualized coaching also includes a Premium TrainingPeaks Edition Account.

One on One Consultation – $80 per hour

Sometimes as an athlete you need a little help with your swim, a look at your training plan or one time consultation to make sure you are getting the most out of your training. Whether it is dialing in your Ironman Nutrition Plan or perfecting your race taper or working on your run or swim technique, coach Chad is here to help! These sessions are hourly based at a rate of $80 per hour. Contact us for more information.

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