Swim - Bike - Run Form Analysis

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Swim / Bike / Run Video Analysis

If you are serious about having your swim, run or bike technique analyzed to identify limiters and improve your times, efficiency and form then there is no substitute for video analysis.  Coach Chad utilities industry leading motion capture software to break down your stroke into smaller details.

What’s Included – Video and File Analysis:

  • If local to the Pittsburgh Region, Coach Chad will analyze your swim, bike or run form via video camera at an agreed upon location (typically Greensburg, Oakland or downtown).
  • Each athlete will have access to download the raw video footage via the Project 942 website post session.  If you are not located in the Greater Pittsburgh area, contact Chad for “limited” video review services and pricing.
  • Coach Chad will work one on one with the athlete in order to point out areas to work on as well as initiate drills to correct issues if need be.
  • State of the art video motion capture technology/software is utilized.
  • The resulting videos with full voice coach annotation of areas of interest will be uploaded and shared with the athlete via the Coach Chad Multisport “You Tube Channel” in 1080p High Definition format for future reference by the athlete.


Price and Deliverables ($100 per session)

  • In person video for cycling, swimming or running at an agreed upon location (Travel expenses not included if out of the area)
  • File analysis and detailed breakdown utilizing industry leading software
  • Annotation video breaking down swim (see example)
  • Typical Session including file analysis per sport is 1.5-2 hours in duration




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